• Bartolini Tazza
  • Chatsworth Sculpture Gallery Modern
  • Chatswoth Sculpture Gallery Circa 1876
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  • The Bartolini Tazza
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  • The Bartonlini Tazza
  • Bartolini Tazza

The Bartolini Tazza

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A masterpiece of technical excellence, this important Neo-Classical tazza attributed to Lorenzo Bartolini is carved with the entwined snake handles intact from a single piece of statuary marble. Restorations

Another marble tazza of this identical model stands in the Chatsworth House Sculpture Hall. Originally there were two, as documented in the attached 19th-century photographs and in the Duke’s personal journal. This, we are confident, given the sheer complexity of its creation, is the smaller of the two, commissioned by the 6th Duke of Devonshire on his Grand Tour.

Lorenzo Bartolini 1777-1850
Born in Tuscany and studied in Florence and at the Officina Inghirami in Volterra, a workshop established in 1791 which produced alabaster sculpture and objects in the neoclassical style.  In 1797 he moved to Paris, where he became a close friend of Ingres and the favoured sculptor of Napoléon, who sent him to Carrara in 1807 to direct the Academy of Sculpture. Later he settled in Florence, where his Grand Tour patrons included Thomas Hope and the 6th Duke of Devonshire.

Height 35cm
Width 68cm
Depth 59cm

Height 105.5cm
Width 36cm
Depth 36cm

The Bartolini Tazza

The Bartolini Tazza

The Bartolini Tazza

Chatsworth House, Sculpture Hall – Now with the one remaining Bartolini Tazza

The Bartolini Tazza

Two tazze can be seen hidden on the left hand side, next to the columns with marble balls. Photo circa 1900

The Bartolini Tazza

The Bartolini Tazza, detail of the carved snake handles. Carved as a single piece.

Chatsworth House, Sculpture Hall – Showing two Bartolini snake handled Tazze in situ. Photo circa 1876

Close up, the 6th Duke of Devonshire’s Grand Tour sculpture collection today, faithful to the 19th century display

Close up, two Bartolini tazze in their original position. Chatsworth House, Sculpture Hall, photo circa 1876