16th Century Terracotta Statue of Hannibal Barca

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A 16th-century terracotta statue of Carthaginian, Hannibal Barca, standing contrapposto in military dress, his right arm raised holding an absent spear. His redundant helmet rests by his left foot and his right upon the crushed eagle of Rome.
Italy, 16th Century

Height 93cm – 36.5in
Width 50cm – 19.75in
Depth 24cm  – 9.5in

16th Century Terracotta Statue of Hannibal Barca

Hannibal Barca 247-183 B.C is one of  histories greatest military leaders, who famously led an army of Carthaginians and disgruntled Roman tribes to battle Fabius Maximus’ troops at Cannae.

Although ultimately unsuccessful, his attack which famously passed through the Alps was considerable and well planned. Certainly, large enough to remain an important pivotal military leader imbued with myth and legend after over two millennia of world history.