• A rare Tang Dynasty pottery polo player
  • A rare Tang Dynasty pottery polo player
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A Tang Dynasty Straw and Green Glazed figure of an Equestrian Polo Player

A rare Tang Dynasty pottery polo player. The well-modelled polo player and and horse sitting upright with his head tilted towards the sky with a Putou (襆頭) head wrap, arms back to slow the horse, he is dressed in a long green glazed gown to his feet with flowing folds in the fabric. The horse with head tilted left and mouth open, the whole with remains of straw coloured glaze and standing on a rectangular plinth. The riders face, cold painted with moustache and lips.

Height 36cm
Length 33cm

A near identical polo player and horse decorated in Sancai three colour glazes in the Cernuschi Museum Collection, Paris.

Reference Gilles Béguin, Art of Asia at the Cernuschi Museum , Paris Museums / Findakly, 2000, p.112-113.

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