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Bohemian Hardstone Inlaid Rosewood And White Metal Casket Box

Bohemia, circa 1870

This exceptional 19th century antique casket originates from Carlsbad, a spa town in the west Bohemia region of the Czech Republic. The town is officially known as Karlovy Vary and gained fame as a destination during the 19th century.

Its piping hot springs drew tourists from across Europe to ‘take the waters’ and their health benefits. The highly figured stones used on this box were locally sourced and are specific to the hot mineral rich springs of Carlsbad. Close inspection will reveal layer on layer of fine mineral deposits.

This box is unusual due to its large size, most tourist pieces by contrast were small trinkets. The box opens to a clear glass lined interior on a pale blue ground.

Width 16cm 6.25in
Depth 11.7cm 4.5in
Height 12.5cm 4.8in

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