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  • Henry Bone Enamel Painting
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An Enamel Plaque of Jupiter And Io after Correggio by Henry Bone, R.A.

An Enamel Plaque of Jupiter And Io after Correggio
By Henry Bone, R.A. (1755 – 1834)
Signed, dated and inscribed on the back 1813

“Painted by Henry Bone, R.A. Enamel Painter to His Majesty and Enamel Painter to his Royal Highness the Prince Regent after the original by Correggio in the possession of Sir Mark Masterman-Sykes Bart”

Enamel Plaque Height 30cm Width 21.5cm

A smaller depiction of Jupiter and Io by Henry Bone dated 1801 in the Royal Collection (RCIN 404269).
Another of the same size but poor condition sold Sotheby’s lot 113, 24.11.05, London.

An Enamel Plaque of Jupiter And Io after Correggio by Henry Bone, R.A.

Few artists could say they were employed by three successive monarchs. Henry Bone, R.A. was.

George III, George IV and William IV all employed Henry Bone as Royal Enamel painter to his Majesty.

Henry Bone’s enamel paintings are extraordinary because of their size and outstanding quality. The production of enamel paintings is slow, fraught with complications as each individual colour is applied and fired at specific temperatures.

Many museums including The National Portrait Gallery, London, The National Gallery of Australia, the Metropolitan Museum, New York and the Cleveland Museum of Art all have Henry Bone enamels in their collections.

Perhaps his most famous enamel painting in the public realm sold at Christie’s (‘The Exceptional Sale’ London, 4 July 2013, Lot 2) for £313,875. Titian’s Bacchus and Ariadne now in the Cleveland Museum of Art.

Henry Bone’s Pencil drawing in the NPG, dated 1813

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