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Japanese Shodana Cabinet on Stand – exquisite lacquer work

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Japanese Shodana Cabinet in black lacquer and gilt raised on a stand with shelves and cupboards, decorated throughout with exceptional panels of lacquer work with foliage, birds, and fans.

Hiramaki-e, takamaki-e and gold kirikane.

39.75in – 101 cm high
34in – 87 cm wide
17.5in – 44.5 cm deep

Japanese Shodana Cabinet on Stand - exquisite lacquer work

The Japanese Shodana Cabinet is a traditional piece of Japanese furniture, crafted for the display and appreciation of exceptional and rare objects. The term Shodana translates as ‘Lacquer Cabinet’ and their lineage dates back to the 16th century Edo period and beyond. With the Meiji and the opening of Japanese trade to foreigners, two strains of style developed for the export market and the local traditional market. ‘Yooga’ describes pieces made for the Western market while Nihonga describes those pieces made for the Japanese market based on traditional models. Evidently, our Shodana relates to the latter group, the decorative work on which is second to none.

The Shodana is for the display of objects, porcelain, lacquer, ikebana, however, it too, is a work of art on every level, from the fine cabinet work, the cleaver ingenious construction and to the final application of countless layers of lacquer slowly built up and incorporating gold accents in different techniques. Perhaps our Shodana stood in a library or hall as master of both its purposes – function and decoration.

Given the complexity of our Japanese Shodana Cabinet and its outstanding decoration, it is likely designed for an important Japanese person or dignitary of high social status.

With masterpieces such as this, Japan could proudly show off its technical ability at the production of truly world-class lacquer objects at the worldwide International exhibitions. There is no doubt this Shodana is an important piece representative of the finest Japanese work of the 19th Century.

The Meiji Period
18th Century Drawing of a Shodana

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