The Neo-Classical Lamp Company

Nicholas Wells Antiques Ltd. is delighted to offer a bespoke range of elegant early 19th-Century antique-inspired column lamps by the Neo-Classical Lamp Company of London.


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Introducing: The Bespoke Column Lamp

At the Neo-Classical lamp company, we are pleased to present a new concept for you the customer. Taking castings from antique lamps and candelabra dating from the early 19th century Regency and Empire styles, we have developed a group of very classically inspired column lamps which put you the customer into the role of the designer.

We have for each of our column lamps a number of creative options, that means that you can have the colour, material, model and finish that you specify.

With the possibility of five different marble, reeded bronze or tôle columns. Polished or patinated classical capitals and bases, the column lamp collection from Neo-Classical Lamp Company can service all your interior table lighting needs.

You will see as you browse the collection all the options that we can offer. However, we are here to help so we willingly will take on any challenge you lay before us.

The Neo-Classical Lamp Company