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Fine Antique Table Lamps at Nicholas Wells Antiques Ltd.   

Nicholas Wells Antiques Ltd. believes that the perfect room has an impeccable sense of curated beauty, created through the expert selection of every element from antique table lamps, fine furniture, works of art, and textiles to the preservation of extant historic details such as wallpaper, stone, wood and architectural details.

Many of our clientele own historic homes and often have a preexisting art and antiques collection and wonder how to incorporate unique antique table lamps into their spaces. Still, others have recently acquired an expansive contemporary space that calls for character and a style. Selecting antique table lamps or modern design objets d’art lighting from our collection of finely sourced lighting is one way to imbue your décor with a historical beauty while as well ensuring the quality of your items. Every antique table lamp available at Nicholas Wells Antiques Ltd. has been selected for its unique character, exceptional materials, design and history.