Pascal Bost : Abstract Contemporary Paintings

Pascal Bost was born in Perigord, France, in 1958. After graduating from the École Camondo in Paris with a degree in Interior Architecture and Design, Bost turned to painting in the late 80’s, encouraged by fellow architects and art lovers, and his friend Diane Deriaz (trapeze artist and muse of Paul Eduard, Man Ray, Lawrence Durrell, and mistress of Roland Penrose), who told him to persevere but remain true to himself.


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“Evocations of stone, earth and water are the essential components of my…expression.”

Since 2001, Bost has lived and worked in the medieval village of Château-Landon, in the Gâtinais region of France which is scattered with abbeys and stone quarries. Bost’s sensibility responds to this environment of rock and earth which constitute the essential elements of his artistic expression. In his search for an authentic language, his practice of traces and scratches over and under coloured glazes, developing contrasts between tones, ruptures of form, combined with networks of signs and lines articulated around an organic mass, the artist is propelled towards the vast horizons of his imagination.

“Each canvas is a new adventure.”

Pascal Bost is a member of the Maison des Artistes, France. He has had shows and participated in events in France, USA, Portugal, Switzerland, China and Taiwan.

Whilst large abstract contemporary art is new to Nicholas Wells Antiques, we love the texture and vitality of Bost’s work in contrast to our collection of antique furniture, tables, cabinets, and seating. It is raw and natural, which we think creates a great sense of harmony. Please do get in touch to find out more about Pascal Bost and his big abstract contemporary paintings.