Iconic Dunhill Lighter Collection

Nicholas Wells Antiques Ltd. proudly presents a collection of iconic Dunhill lighters and ephemera gathered over 30 years of collecting. We are proud to offer exclusive limited edition and other exclusive rare lighters picked out from Dunhill’s incredible legacy.


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Dunhill’s iconic British brand is one of constant adaptation and evolution ingrained with heritage, tradition, quality and the fashions of the day. From the early days in the late 19th century producing saddlery and leather goods, converting to luxury motoring goods branded Dunhill’s Motorities and thence the pipe, cigar & tobacco business established 1907 in London’s St James’s.

The subsequent decades form the foundation of the iconic Dunhill lighter collection that we offer. The vintage Dunhill petrol lighter collection includes petrol service lighters, unique sports lighters, lighters with integrated timepieces, Giant and Half-Giant Gold, Chrome and Silver Table Lighters, wrapped in crocodile and polished shagreen. The famous Sylph lighter in various sizes, and finishes – including the smallest and the foot rule and of course 1 of only 20 silver plated yard rules – ‘The Architect‘.  Among the most sought petrol lighters are of course the Namiki Lacquer lighters and  Dunhill Half-Giant Aquarium Table Lighters collected and adored by Sir Winston Churchill. See the blog post here

We also carry a collection of Dunhill novelty lighters, one of my favourites is in the shape of the Bible, the back tooled in gold “The Light”. The iconic silver and brass hunting horn is a fabulous and very collectible piece as is the tinder flintlock pistol lighters. The solid silver golf ball lighter is also a fabulous and perfectly usable novelty example.

Gas Lighters from the 50’s onwards are also strongly represented. These lighters form a unique part of Dunhill’s lighter history. No less exclusive and dynamic as the earlier inventions. Wrapped in solid tooled gold, woven outer jackets and engraved solid silver limited edition lighters, the GMT lighter, unfindable complete Longitude Millenium Set and solid silver Great Golf Courses of the World” by Harold Riley.

The Dunhill Lighter Collection is only partly shown here. If there is a lighter from Dunhill’s rich heritage that you are looking for please do get in touch.